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Part 3: A giving heart / Christmas with a meaning

When we are grateful, our heart sprouts generosity naturally.

Edvaldo De Castro

I remember that when I was a child what I liked the most about Christmas was receiving gifts, honestly, that was it. And I'm sure that many of us when we were children also thought that way, we longed to have that toy that we liked so much or that object that we were excited about. I was so eager to receive what I had asked that I did my best to stay up until dawn to finally get the present. At that age, I didn't really understand the magnitude of the effort my parents made to give my brother and me a nice Christmas, but fortunately, as I have grown I have understood everything they have done.

Usually, the act of giving is conceived as giving a present. To be honest, that was how I conceived this action at first, however, I have understood that giving something goes much further than giving something material. Actually, generosity is born in the heart, and we can express it in different ways. An example is being generous with our feelings, that is, expressing affection, giving a word of comfort, serving in a foundation, offering our time to help people in whatever they need, among other things. Of course, when there is the possibility and the need to contribute financial resources, if it is within our reach, we must do so. In addition, it is important to emphasize that many times we think that when a lot of money is needed our small contributions are not important, but the truth is that every cent and every help is essential to achieve the objective. Therefore, never underestimate what we can or others can contribute.

Give with a noble heart

Any act of kindness that we perform in our life must try to be done with a pure intention in love. Christmas invites us to be grateful and once we value what we have, then from our hearts springs the desire to share and see others moving forward in their lives.

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9: 7 NIV

The key to giving is to give ourselves as people, I mean to put our wisdom, talents, gifts, and abilities at the service of others. And just like gratitude, generosity can also become our lifestyle. These two philosophies are key to a prosperous life.

In conclusion, the act of giving can be done in hundreds of different ways, we just have to adopt the right attitude. On these dates, families gather to enjoy dinner, supermarkets are fully stocked, and an atmosphere of celebration is felt, but we cannot ignore the reality of many people with great need both sentimental and material. For this reason, today I invite you to give what is born from your heart, be it a lot or a little, love will multiply by heaps.

Don't miss out on giving something this Christmas!

If you liked the post, I thank you very much if you share it with your friends and family, since this way more people can enjoy this blog. I'd love to read your thoughts on this topic, so leave your comments below. I wish you a good week, see you! ❤

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